About Us

Alhamdulillah, today EYELAND is one of the largest network of eyecare products and services in Pakistan. The entire line of customers comprises of the most elite personalities of Pakistan and abroad.

The entire collection is exquisitely selected to suit each and every member of your family, from the adorable toddler to the career person hoping to look smart and to the mature adult wanting to make a bold personal statement.

Eyeland, certified from Ministry of Health (Islamabad) Government of Pakistan, World Health Organization (WHO) and various National and International organizations, as always, the pioneer in introducing the latest developments in optical technology in collaboration with the global leading companies, has now created a largest display of exquisitely crafted frames and the coolest range of sunglasses to make your personality more dynamic.

A perfect frame is incomplete without a perfect pair of lenses. Today's optical technology is truly amazing. Lenses are now available for virtually any situation, condition and prescription. Unlike the chain and "one hour" stores that pull lenses off a shelf, we customize each and every pair specifically for your prescription, lifestyle, and frame – “a perfect fit!”

The desire of colored and transparent contact lenses is formed to add more glamour to the beautiful eyes of yours.

Renowned eye surgeons / consultants are available for visual diagnosis, with state-of-the-art equipments.

Feel free to visit EYELAND to categorize your styles — be it by gender, by style or by color. Our professional team of experts is available to provide an illustrated support, to choose the best product according to your lifestyle at lowest prices but fixed, for your own convenience.